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Crossdressing Service Leeds.

Hello Ladies

If wanting to dress has been plaguing your thoughts for way too long and you have done nothing or very litte about it I offer you a full crossdressing service in the heart of Leeds City Centre that will meet all of your feminine thoughts and desires.

I appreciate that making that first call can be a very nerve racking and daunting experience but please try not to feel overly nervous, simply embrace the thrill.

I have everything here that you would like to wear to become the girl of your dreams.

If you are a fully experienced dresser with either a vast or a tiny collection of clothes but would like to experience a full makeover as well as to try on different outfits in a private setting by all means come along as all visits are 100% confidential.

Having the correct sized bra, undergarments, dresses and skirts is very important for the correct look so if you would like to have a fitting in either a department store or boutique for any of your clothes or undergarments we can go together if you so wish.? 

Everything is possible and everything is absolutely fine so if your confidence needs some TLC or you would simply like a make-over then make that call...

When it is Leeds First Friday (LFF) I can also be booked to come to your hotel room to do your make-up.

For you ladies starting out on your journey, if going out dressed is to be your next step I am more than happy to accompany you into town for a coffee, a bit of retail therapy or to one of the transgender friendly local bars as you gain in confidence so you can hold your head high as you walk the walk in your pretty heels.

It is your playground ladies where you can come to relax either on your own or with other T-Girls and to be your ultra beautiful feminine girly selves .

Whatever the experience is you are wanting to explore and to enjoy drop me a text or an email so we can get the show on the road...


Thank you.


Josephine. x


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